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01 March 2037 @ 01:17 pm

moved to shadysider.
any cc removed from this journal is gone for good.
comments are disabled. contact me at shadysider or simblr
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if you're looking for my servo default, please find it here.
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14 April 2012 @ 04:39 am

evil witch default which uses only the face paint trappingit made in her ss gift to saricoya. comes in purple, green, or red. must load AFTER creature fixes or you'll get icky green scalp.
you can find a white paint default for your good witches here from the same set of face paints, by eir-sims.

bad ritual - alternate

if you were linked here looking for a servo default, please find it here.

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09 April 2012 @ 06:36 pm

More of fanseelamb's pants textures on HP's mesh. Because loafers aren't for everyone! Shoes are by Yuxi, trapping, migamoo, and Maxis. I played them for a little longer than the loafers to try and catch mistakes before they were uploaded, but if you see something weird you can just yell at me and I'll fix it. Also, I made the middle parts of the saddle shoes a little bit darker and less shiny because I have never seen such horrible looking saddle shoes in my life. Wtf was texture, Maxis? All of the pants come in the two colors previewed, untucked and tucked, but the dark blue pants with converse have white shoes instead of black ones.

converse - alternate
flip flops - alternate
saddle shoes - alternate
vans - alternate
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First up we have a shoe swap! Because I needed rolled up jeans with loafers. I used HP's edited basegame mesh and the textures from fanseelamb's perfect rolled up jeans with the Maxis loafers which I yanked off a pair of pants by bunheadsbuns. Included are tucked and untucked dark blue and light blue jeans, plus the mesh. I didn't do the black ones because I have no use for black jeans ever and also isn't there a rule about no brown shoes and black pants? You'll probably see more of these pants in the future. I need them with ALL the shoes. Also, why are there no nice polo shirts for AF? Every other basegame shirt has been untucked or at least made usable with regular pants. *grumbles*

loafers - alternate

Also, trappingit made me a beautiful deer recolor of her skin in her request post even though I was late :') It's so much prettier than I could have imagined, so here's a small picspam and a download link so everyone can enjoy it. The song I gave her was Ghosting by Mother Mother, which she named it after. I LOVE IT THIS MORE THAN ANY OTHER PIECE OF CC IN MY GAME.

The model is Brigitta by backerbse.
Look at the nose! The chin! The eyes! The ears have little white tufts in them as well <3 You can see the details better in trapping's preview pictures, which are included in the zip.

The tummy, insides of the legs, and the chest are all light tan.

I promise you I didn't plan that snowflake! But look at the white spots on her back! It's so pretty.

ghosting - alternate

Thank you so much, Lina. I can't thank you enough for this! Deer are my favorite animal and ever since I saw the antlers you made I've been hoping for a skintone as well ;D
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